Getting Started


1.Create Your MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask Wallet is your gateway to join Pirate X Pirate.

Download and setup MetaMask

Create your own MetaMask Wallet Address

MetaMask allows you to store your digital assets

like you PXP tokens and initiate blockchain transactions

2.Buy PXP to Start Your Adventure

To get PXP, you will need to swap your BNB to PXP

1.Check the exchange rate for BNB<>PXP:

1.Buy enough BNB (Binance Coin) on Binance.
**Remember to have some spare BB for gas fees!
3. Send vour BNB to vour MetaMask.
4. Send vour BNB to vour MetaMask.

Swan BNB to PXP (On ADeSwaD).
PP Contract Address : 0x03C27727672ec7510

piratexpirate's partner.

3. Login to Pirate X Pirate

Go to PXP website:
Connect Wallet to login.

4. Buy Ships, Captains, and Crew

Buy at least 1 Ship, 1 Captain, and 2 Crew Members to play the game from the Marketplace.

5. Download the application for PVP Battles

Now you're ready to play!